Peer-reviewed articles

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Book chapters

Ellwardt, L., Hank, K. (2019): Soziale Netzwerke im Alter. In: Hank, K., Schulz-Nieswandt, F., Wagner, M., Zank., S. (eds.): Alternsforschung: Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis. Nomos Verlag: Baden-Baden, pp. 339-356.

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Ellwardt, L. (2011): Gossip in Organizations. A Social Network Study. ICS dissertation, Groningen.

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Awarded articles

2013, Group & Organization Management (GOM journal): Best Paper Award for 2012, for the article on “Talking about the Boss: Effects of Generalized and Interpersonal Trust on Workplace Gossip.”, with R. Wittek & R. Wielers.

2010, International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA): Best Student Paper Award, for the paper on “The Co-evolution of Gossip and Friendship at Work. Studying the Dynamics of Multiplex Social Networks.”

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